Best apps to satisfy your video editing needs

Video editing is an art which helps mega movie studios to create a dynamic and holistic environment to make the audience believe in the fabricated reality.

Video editing plays an essential role in successfully delivering and creating an insight approach for the audience. Initially, video editing software programs have been quite costly and were accessible by major movie studios.

But with the advancement in time and technology, the need for video editing software’s rapidly rose, and it would not be surprising that even you would have accessed some of such software’s.

 Any raw footage could make the message of the video diminished but by simply adding a few cuts and including some transitions can turn it into a masterpiece.

As there are a number of social media platforms available for various streamers and bloggers to post their videos on you can make optimal use of such platforms by publishing polished video clips and in no time can become a social media sensation (hopefully).

As nowadays the latest smartphones consist of such powerful cameras, it becomes quite easy to capture high definition videos and clips, but you should also undermine that a similar smartphone can also edit videos for you.

Yes, by accessing the given below applications on your phone you can easily edit your desired clips for various purposes like creating memes or creating a Vlog.


PowerDirector is one of the most proffered app-based video editors. Although it runs for Android, still it is no way inferior to iMovie, and moreover, it is quite user-friendly and dynamic in nature.

You can perform necessary trimming, slicing and arranging videos on the same timeline. It becomes quite useful and convenient for the user to sort out multiple clips and once.


If you are looking for different means to enhance your raw footage into a substantial publishable content, you should really go for the LumaFusion video editor.

It has similar timeline accessibility as compared to other video editing software’s. It suits the requirements of a freelancer or a YouTuber who require real-time previews.

If you have previously worked on a PC based video editor, you will find LumaFusion similar to it consisting of timelines to work on. You can also insert random animations to your videos to make it much more appealing.


If you are in search of an Android-based video editor, then you must explore the KineMaster video editor which would facilitate all your necessary editing requirements in single application.

Although various Android smartphones vary in size and shape, KineMaster optimally utilises the display screen and provide a number of features. You can arrange your required clips, images and also can create titles and animations.

With such diverse features, it has a significant setback as it is not available for free.

These video editing applications can help you in creating professional content for your personal as well as social use. You can add various transactions, animations, colour correction and much more to make your clips much more presentable and polished.

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