Fortnite: New Patch Includes The Baller Vehicle

Fortnite fans are exploring the new season 8, and Epic Games has managed to include a slew of fresh content for players to experience in the title. With this, a new patch for the game has been introduced which features a new vehicle to the game namely Baller.

This Baller vehicle is a round ball type structure which a player can use to cover long distances in the map. This vehicle resembles a hamster wheel and functions on similar mechanics and fans of Fortnite will have an entirely different experience while traveling this vehicle as compared to past Stormwing plane and Shopping cart.

As Epic Games have confirmed that this new patch for season 8 would be live in the coming week and will be available for users to access from 2 AM onwards. The news feed in the Fortnite title has suggested that the upcoming patch would be featuring a new Creative Islands for gamers to experience new challenges and events on a daily basis.

Moreover, the in-game news feed also pointed at the new anticipated vehicle suggesting it is round and players can roll through the competition while using the Baller vehicle.

Community members and fans were expecting a new vehicle to be included in the title, but it was not specific as to what kind of vehicle would be the part of the title.

But with the in-game confirmation from the news feed, fans have the first look for this unique and entirely different type of vehicle to which would be soon included to the game.

Although various speculations and theories were floating around the inclusion of new vehicle to the game, still it was not sure as to how would this new vehicle look like.

 Many fans were suggesting a Boat or Ship as a new vehicle to the game as the new pirate theme was introduced for season 8, still, with the latest in-game news feed players have finally got to know about the new vehicle which is expected to be the part of Fortnite.

This new Baller vehicle is going to be accessible on all the devices which support Fortnite, but it is still not confirmed about the inclusion date for this vehicle. So it is expected that this upcoming patch would be included to the game in the coming weekend and players will be able to access this new and exciting vehicle.

Currently, no such video or gameplay is featured for players to understand the functioning of this new vehicle. Still, it is expected that this new transport item would be like a rolling ball and players will have to sit inside this ball.

Still, these are all speculations, and the actual functioning of this vehicle would only be disclosed with the inclusion of it in the title. Hopefully, this new vehicle would allow the player to survive against the enemies and help players in winning the matches.

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