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5 Best Text to Speech Software in 2019

One of the most notable innovations made in the field of technology is Text to Speech. This innovation is used in various hardware and software products and is very helpful. It has evolved with the passing time, and text to speech apps are excellent for people who find it hard to read the text and the ones who suffer from dyslexia. The blind people can also read text with the help of text to speech applications as well as those who desire to learn the second language can use them too. There are plenty of other benefits of the text to speech software.

Let’s have a look at the best available options in the market:

1. Amazon Polly

Formerly known as Ivona, Amazon Polly is an ideal Text to Speech software that integrates with a variety of applications. It is easy to use and converts your speech into text in a perfect manner, with the use of API. Hence, Alexa is not the only AI tool made by tech pioneer Amazon!

2. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is another excellent text to speech software for users. It has already conquered the hearts of many with great features and benefits people with learning disabilities. You can convert text into MP3 with this software and play it on any compatible device.

3. Voice Reader Home

Voice Reader Home comes with multiple language options and supports a wide range of files. It features up to 67 voices that sound natural to ears and perfect for both personal and professional use. When it comes to language support, it supports up to 45 languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, and more.

4. iSpeech

The best thing about iSpeech is that it is available on various platforms such as Android, iOS devices, and even blackberry. Also, it comes with a plug-in for a browser that is easy to install as well as use. Various audio formats are supported in this app as well and can convert text from any document.

5. Zabaware Text to Speech Reader

The Zabaware Text to Speech Reader is a free software with essential TTS services and proofreading assistance. Though, the advanced app with an upgrade package offers a decent natural-sounding voice for listening. Get this text-to-speech reader in your computer and let your computer read the text aloud.

These programs are destined to make your tasks and life more comfortable. Try all the described TTS software and find the one that suits you best!

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