How to Clear History on Google Maps Android App

We often search for a variety of things on Google Maps. Sometimes we enter addresses of the places where we have to go, and it keeps showing on the search bar. And, we even click on the wrong entered address multiple times later on when we are in a hurry. It is better to remove the same addresses and relevant searches for betterment. Clearing the search and location history is not a daunting task in Google Maps.

Clearing items from Google Maps history

Once you delete the earlier entries from the Google Maps app, you will not see the same when you will search for new things on the app. Even, you will not have the route suggestions of previous routes you went on if you delete them from the Google Maps. Here are the steps to clear items:

1. Launch the Google Maps app in your phone and go to the Settings.

2. Tap on the Maps history section and check all the searches you have made earlier.

3. If you desire to remove them, tap on the available menu button and then hit the Delete option.

4. You will see a pop up on the screen that will ask you again if you want to delete the same, tap the Delete option again.

5. If you wish to see details about dedicated events, tap on the Details option.

Turning off location history in Google Maps

By turning off the location history in your Google Maps app, you don’t turn off location services in your phone. It just means that Google Maps will no longer save your apps’ history if you turn it off. If you still want to turn off history in the app, here are the steps:

1. Launch the Google Maps app in your phone and as before, visit the Settings section by swiping from the bottom left side of your screen.

2. Now, tap on Map history,  then menu button available on the top-right part, and then  Activity controls.

3. Keep scrolling till you find the Location History option and turn it off.

4. You will see the Pause option on the bottom of the next screen. Tap over there!

5. A list will be seen on your display that will let you know about affected things and the app will not work as usual as well.


Google Maps is one of the most useful Android apps. It guides users with new locations and directions. This blog provides you information to clear items and turn off location history in Google Maps.

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