How to Use Split Screen Mode on iPad

Split-screen mode allows you to access two windows at the same time in your device and is excellent for multitasking. You can either write in one tab and access information from others or manage two social media accounts at one go through split-screen mode. If you don’t know the ideal way to use split-screen mode in your iPad, this blog will guide you with the same process.

Setting up split-screen mode on  iPad

It is easy to use two apps at the same time on your iPad. You need to first set up split screen mode to ideally use it. Get started with the split-screen process by following these steps:

1. Select the secondary app

You need to find the other app and open it for splitting the screen in your iOS device. After you are done finding and opened it, minimize it as you only need it in the toolbar present at the bottom of the screen of your iPad. Move to the next step now.

2. Open the primary app

Launch the leading app for splitting the screen with the other.  You can adjust the screen space accordingly after opening the main app. Then, visit the bottom section of your iOS device and swipe up to see the toolbar along with the other opened app over there.

3. Drag the secondary app and drop it on the screen

Drag the app that you opened at first from the toolbar by pressing and holding it down. After bringing the app from the taskbar on top of the first app’s screen, you will see a long thin rectangular box on display. You get the option to adjust the same either on the left or the right side. If the app is in the second box after successfully dragging and dropping, it means the same app doesn’s support the split-screen mode.

Arranging split-screen mode on iPad

On your screen, you will now have both the primary and secondary apps covering a dedicated area. If you are not happy with the screen portion they are taking, you can arrange them in your way.

1. Hide the second app and bring it back

You need to tap the grey bar present at the top of the next app and drag on the side to hide it. It will disappear from the screen. If you wish to bring the same app back, swipe from the side, and it will be back again.

2. Truly split the screen

As you can see that the second tab overlaps the first one on your current screen. But you can open ‘true’ split screen mode to see the apps in equal size. To split the screen correctly, press and hold the grey bar available at the top and drop the same up or down.

3. Equalize the tabs

You can keep any app in split screen mode bigger by dragging the bar in between. The apps on the screen can be either in a 50:50 ratio or 25:75 ratio. Choose the app ratio as per your need.

In this way, you can easily use split screen mode in your iPad!

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